Robin' The Museum. Aln Valley Railway 31/08/15

Can you see him?
What about now?

 This chap managed to find his way into the museum, this afternoon, and then found it difficult to get out.  With a little help though he returned to his business, no damage done to either Robin or exhibits.


Afternoon Coffee Guests 30/08/15

Been busy all day with exterior paintwork.  Topped up the birdfeeders and then sat down for what I felt to be a well earned break.  I joined shortly afterwards by some Spuggies from the hood.


Rocky's New Threads 2 29/08/15

The Starling fledglings who have been visiting my garden all summer have suddenly started to dress like their parents.


Coquet Cormorants 26/08/15

A long way off but the Cormorants were out in force today on the Coquet Estuary.


Coastline Views 23/08/15

Today. Scenes from a coastal drive on the Northumberland AONB.  Sometimes scenery and open spaces are just.... Good for the Soul.
 The Farne Islands from Mainland, Between Bamburgh and Seahouses.
 Low Newton, From Coastal Path
 Dunstangurgh Castle from Coastal Path
 Dunstanburgh Castle from Low Newton
Cullernose Point From Coastal Path


Coastal Hunters 20/08/15

A photographic record of the fascinating hour or so spent watching two members of our local avian special forces stalking, spotting and surprising their prey. 

Firstly a kestrel, battling with cross winds to maintain his hover over the coastal heath. Occasionally swooping before returning to his watchful and vigilant "spy in the sky" station in preparation for another graceful sky assault.

On the shoreline below, a silent stalker, striking Tai Chi poses, tiptoes through the shallows in search of who knows what.  The unsuspecting inhabitants of shallows beneath his feet, an unwitting prey to the master.