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First Garden Blackbird This Year 31/01/16

Snowdrops On A Windy Day 30/01/16

Starling Feeding Frenzy 29/01/16

Starling Feeding Garden 28/01/16

Jackdaw 27/01/16

Roosting Woodpigeons 26/01/16

Border Bridge and Tweed 25/01/16

River Wild 24/01/16

Berwick Old Bridge and Tweedmouth 23/01/16

Bamburgh and Seahouses Dusk and Moonshine 22/01/16

Seahouses Moonscapes 21/01/16

Budle Moonscapes 20/01/16

Coquet Cuddies 19/01/16

Seascapes, Inner Farne and Seahouses, Northumberland AONB 18/01/16

Trees, Ice and Flooding, Budle Bay Northumberland AONB 17/01/16

Winter Sea and Skyscapes Budle Bay, Northumberland AONB16/01/16

Winter Landscapes Budle Bay, Northumberland AONB 15/01/16

Mudlarking Mallards at Budle Bay 14/01/16

Pigeon Silhouette and Heron Reflection 13/01/16

Warkworth Village Across the Coquet at Dusk 12/01/16

Warkworth Castle at Dusk 11/01/16

Coquet Torrents 10/01/16

Pigeons in Flight 09/01/16

Garden Robin 08/01/16