Day 3: Starlings At Breakfast Time 03/06/16

I have regular visits to my garden from the Starlings, Sparrows Jackdaws and Wood Pigeons in the main.  I also get the occasional visit from Blue and Great Tits and the occasional goldfinch.  This morning I was greeted by the a crowd of Boys From The Hood.  Here are a couple of Starlings, foraging in the Herb Bed.


Day 2: Spot Me If You Can 02/06/16

A Woodland Walk, and the bird life playing Peepo! Managed to snap this little blighter though, a goldfinch singing pretty in a tree near by.

Can you spot him?


Day 1: Fulmar at Cullernose Point. 01/06/16

Been planning today, but decided to take a break out by the coast.  My day job often takes me out near the Northumberland Coast AONB.  Cullernose Point, a spot on the AONB, where the Whin Sill meets the sea is a great place to blow away the cobwebs and as today when it is windy a spot to watch kittiwake, fulmar and even a spot crow aerobatics.  Today's 30 days wild jigsaw features  one of the cliffside inhabitants I encountered today.

To play simply drag and and match the pieces in the window.  If a challenge too much, then Settings for the jigsaw, can be changed if you choose to build it at jigsaw planet.  Press the puzzle piece, and when the puzzle loads at Jigsaw Planet select the number of pieces you would like to use from "play as."I hope you enjoy.  1 down 29 to go.