Garden Views 2 12/07/15

My wildlife friendly back garden is beginning to take shape.  Fuscias and Baskets are now in bloom, with bees regularly visiting.  The herb bed is starting to establish itself with foliage expanding the cover.  This week I added some additional broken flag walling and some recycled decking has been turned into planters too.  I have also added a couple of plank panels to form a moveable ground level bird table, featuring a large plant pot stand as a bird bath.  There is some growth in the wildflower bed that I seeded a while ago and am excited to see what this area looks like as the seedlings establish themselves and hopefully bloom within the next month or so.

On the bird table I have been experimenting with a variety of food types, including kitchen scraps, comercial seeds and nuts, but also have made my own bird cakes from leftovers, lard and muesli.  The starlings particularly seem big fans of the cakes.  Visitors this week have been the usual suspects, the large starling gang from the hood, and local sparrows, alongside wood pigeons, a collared dove and couple of jackdaws.


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