Paddling With Plovers (Almost) 08/07/15

Spotted a group of somethings skittering along the shoreline.  Intrepidly and I thought stealthily, I pursued...  They vanished only to reappear and vanish again.  Anyway long story short the shots today of these Ringed Plovers on the Beach at Cresswell were a challenge.  I was fascinated by the way they moved along the shore.  They seemed almost to be skating the way they scurried, stopping dead to feed before running on, they seemed little moved by the crowds of gulls but a little more shy of the strange bloke at a distance.

Introducing my wild friends today Ringed Plovers


  1. love seeing plovers skating across the sand but Im getting jealous of that camera you have and the zoom capabilities me thinks me needs a bigger lens!


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