Geese at Budle Bay 30/09/15

On the way home from Berwick this evening, I took the scenic route along the AONB, stopping at Waren Mills on Budle Bay to try to catch sight of some of the returning geese, reported in the zone's newsletter.  Getting close was not an option, but managed to catch these beauties bobbing in the bay.

A chat with a local birdwatcher revealed that the heaving mass on the bay consisted of several species of Geese, too far away to photograph along with mallard, teal and wigeon.  Looks like it is time to get my boots on as the season brings a change in the birdlife to be found on the local shorelines and estuaries.

 Not a great shot, but geese in flight.  More visits needed to try to capture this magnificent sight over the coming month.  may be more likely towards the Lindisfarne side of the bay.


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