A Riverside Walk: Pastures and River Aln, Alnwick, Northumberland 08/06/15

 Alnwick Castle from The Pastured.  Black Headed Gull.

 River Aln from Pastures looking east.

River Aln view from Denwick Bridge

 Riverside Trail

 Butterfly on Cow Parsley (Playing with macro)

 Grey Wagtail On the Weir

 Black Headed Gull


 Grey Heron

 Blue Tit

 White Wagtail

 Grey Wagtail

Song Thrush


  1. Stunning! Not seem a grey wagtail before, are they a northern thing? Living the blue tit, they're amongst my favourite, used to watch them fledging as a kid - hilarious to watch as they panic and mum dive bombs them to get them to fall off the branch!

    1. Thanks for your encouragement Mary. Can't believe I waited so long to return. Thoroughly enjoying the 30 days challenge. Learning loads, and have become incredibly aware of my surroundings. Amazing what you miss right under your nose and take for granted.


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