Strolling Along The Aln Valley Line 17/06/15

Two weeks into the challenge and a revisit to the trackbed of the Aln Valley Railway.  How things have changed.  The Wild Garlic still smells but the flower heads have all but gone, as have the bluebells, replaced by Pink Campion, Foxgloves, Oxeye Daisies, Tufted Vetch and the occasional Dog Rose.  The birds were shy, though in the bush a pair of finches flitted from branch to branch and from the field beyond a pheasant not exactly in song could be heard.


 Spotted Orchid

 Dog Roses

 Bees on Oxeye Daisies

 Tree Seedling emerging from Stonework on Cawledge Viaduct

 Cones in the tree tops, viewed from the top of the Viaduct

 Swallows roosting in the eves of the workshop at Lionheart.


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