Build It And They Will Come... Snacking With Spuggies 05/06/15

The weather didn't look so great this morning, so, checked out a few things on the web and then headed to the garage.  Rummaging through my offcuts, I set about recycling and knocking together a Birdie Bistro from some odds and ends I had lying around.

Table and framework for roof.  Made from a piece of ply, uprights from an old Habitat Shelving unit and some bits of old 2x4.

Roof added using old tongue and groove wall timbers.
Mounted on the side of my shed with a handfull of screws.  Looks OK, though will need to be coated for protection if to be a more permanent fixture.  Other than an hour or so of my time this didn't cost me a penny..... Nice.  Well satisfied with myself, I added some stale bread I found in the bread bin, and sat myself down with a cuppa to see what would happen next.

Well here you go.... Views from the Sun Room, this morning and later this evening.
 House Sparrow on Guttering Overlooking Garden

 Female House Sparrow On Guttering Overlooking Garden

 Blackbird On Garden Path

 House Sparrow Leaving Birdie Bistro

Various Candid Spuggie Shots

It was lovely to watch these guys in the garden today, and a pleasure to Sup with them.  Can't wait to see who else turns up once the news gets round the 'hood!


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