Working in The Garden: Alnwick, Northumberland 11/06/15

Have been working in my garden today, and finally set about building the raised vegetable bed and bordering off the area I want to use to encourage garden visitors.  The main grass area needed a cut, so I added a log edge leaving some of the grass uncut behind it.  Placing this in the corner where the bird table was positioned last Friday seemed like a good idea.  I have also put up the hangers for my baskets, and constructed some additional wooden planters.  I lifted a number of flagstones today as well, and these will be recycled, to make a drystone effect herb bed somewhere else, not quite sure where yet.  My pictures today feature visitors who either watched from the bird table (I'd like to think admiringly) or in the case of a certain blackbird, exploited my labours for hunting as the ground became visible.  A number of plants in the garden are also now beginning to flowers, and these are featured too.


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