Garden Explorers 15/06/15

Part of my 30 Day Challenge is to create a wildlife friendly garden to enjoy year round from my sunroom. During the first week, I made and introduced a bird table to my garden.  Last week I developed this and began experimenting with feeders and laying out the garden to allocate a wilder area.  Today I added a couple of mounted branches to offer further sites to land, roost and feed  around the perimeter and sited the beginnings of my compost/clippings box.  I also prepared some ground ready to plant wildflower seeds, hung some baskets and began building some stone wall effect beds using broken up flagstones lifted during earlier work.

I had some issues over the weekend with "bandits."  It may be bad press, but I am assuming it was the local Starlings, who made off with the fatballs I put out.  Twice I got up to find, not only the balls, but also the netting bag they were hanging in gone.  Today I have added a feeder which I hope will prevent or deter this as well as a suet cakeand feeder on the other side of the garden to offer some respite from them for some of the other visitors.

This evening I decided to spend time in my sun room to see how the locals react to the garden as it begins to take on its new shape.  The regulars have had an interesting time I think.  The sparrows seem little bothered by things, happy to remain flitting around between the bird table, the washing line and hedge, though they do seem to have found the new branch perches useful.   Visiting blackbirds and wood pigeons have given the new beds, walls and clippings box a thorough examination, while the Starlings have greedily eaten from every part of the garden, much to the annoyance but not determination of the sparrows.  I was intrigued to be visited by a pair of Jackdaws this evening too.  I was without my camera when the garden was visited by a pair of Collared Doves, and what I think was a Goldfinch.  Sadly missed opportunities, but I hope they will return, fingers crossed.  Looks like the seed feeder needs a refill ;0)




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