Lindisfarne Nature Reserve: Northumberland Coast 12/06/15

Lovely afternoon on the island of Lindisfarne in North Northumberland.  I hadn't been on the island for quite some time.  Fieldwork for school were carried out on the reserve surrounding the island.  I have been building up to a visit since my return home, and today I decided would be the day.  The photos in today's post were taken on a circular walk through the island's nature reserve beginning in the village.
Lindisfarne is reached by a causeway that floods during high tide.  This raised tower offers some refuge for the unwitting caught in the turn.  Safe crossing today was betwen 2.35 pm and 10 pm.

 Birds Foot Trefoil

 Lindisfarne Castle

 Pied Wagtail

 In a past life, Limestone was mined on the island.  This tramway, once carried the limestone to kilns at the base of the castle.  Here it was "cooked" before export to the mainland for use on the land.

 Reed Bunting by The Lough

 Spotted Orchid

 White Campion

 Meadow Pipit

 Spear Thistle

 Lichen on a branch, Straight Lonnen

 Song Thrush



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